WFHC 97.3 Christian Radio

This station would not be here if God had not got our founder's attention, Bud Hadley. He attended a Christian Business Organization meeting in 2001, where he listened to stories of the advantages of operating a local Christian radio station. In June of 2001 the FCC published an opening for a Low Power FM Radio frequency for the Henderson county area. Bud applied to the FCC for a radio license, made application to North Carolina for a non-profit corporation and organized the first twelve man Board of Directors. The corporation was called JBN, Inc. The Jesus Broadcasting Network.

In 2008, Bud arranged to have space on the WHKP AM antenna off of Signal Hill Road. In July 2009, WFHC-LP FM 97.3 went on the air.

For a while, WFHC shared the 24 hour broadcast day with the Ebeneezer Pentecostal Church. WFHC broadcast during the day and Ebeneezer broadcast at night.

The first site for the studios was in the Community Service building of Hendersonville SDA Church. Carefully watching the technical side of radio operation, Clive Possinger, Jr. MD found that things were not going smoothly. Because the station was on DSL it experienced slow download time, buzzing and crackling on the air. Without notice the station would shut down. Station operator Possinger experienced these dead air problems almost daily. The Lord answered our prayers when computer IT specialist, Terry Tollis spent many hours restructuring the network separating the computer program operating the station on the air from the need of downloading, editing, and recording, audio files of programs. Terry Tollis restored a well-ordered 24 hour radio experience for WFHC

In April of 2011, The FCC permitted a change in the site of our antenna, WFHC Station Manager, Dolph Diamond, stepped up and helped WFHC obtain 24/7 broadcast time and the placement of our antenna on a hill just north of Park Ridge Hospital in Fletcher on land generously donated by Fletcher Academy Inc. A big thank you must go to all our volunteers and especially Mike Witt who prepared the site for the antenna. Dolph also guided the work of many volunteers and businesses who created a beautiful studio at the Carolina Hills Center at 855 Howard Gap Road on the grounds of Fletcher Academy. The empty walls and bare floors came to life as Theresa Tinchner decorated the station. You have to come to visit our station to see its beauty.

I have deliberately avoided putting lists of names of volunteers and business men who created the $65,000 miracle which God allowed to become our station today. But a few volunteers, during this hectic period, committed themselves to keep the station operating: Clive Possinger, Jr. MD, Chief Radio Operator, Beverly Dukes, Program Director, Charles Thomas, Assistant Radio Operator and John Lindfors, Editing and Programming operator.